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All thing Spanked posts you could ever want – the virtual book tour concludes

September 4, 2008

Yesterday marked the end of the Spanked virtual book tour. But! You can now check out all the posts, with video interviews, excerpts, audio, and more with the links below. Thanks to all the bloggers who participated!

Spanked virtual book tour logo

August 2008
Spanked Virtual Book Tour

1 – Alison Tyler
2 – The Cherry Red Report
3 – Thomas’s spanking exploits
4 – Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies
5 – The House of Richard Windsor
6 – Funky Brown Chick
7 – Baser Instincts
8 – Life in Motion
9 – All Things Spanking
10 – Viviane’s Sex Carnival
11 – Jamye Waxman
12 – Babeland
13 – NYC Urban Gypsy
14 – Femdom Spanking Blog
15 – Spanking Abby
16 – BadBadGirl
17 – Ellie Lumpesse
18 – Sugarbutch Chronicles
19 – Breathing In and Breathing Out
20 – Essin Em
21 – Pursed Lips
22 – Mixing It Up
23 – Domestic Spanking Blog
24 – Nobilis Erotica
25 – Live Girl Review
26 – All About George
27 – Lolita’s Predictions & Predilections
28 – Sexy Prime
29 – Naughty and Spice
30 – MeiLin Miranda
31 – AlwaysArousedGirl/JanesGuide

Bonus days!


1 – Natty’s Spanking Blog
2 – Kristina Wright
3 – DigiRomp (must be logged in; or you can watch it here

Wife spanking – fun or duty?

September 2, 2008

I just discovered a blog called I Spank My Wife, via The Cherry Red Report and am intrigued by it, but not sure completely what I think of it. I did enjoy this photo quite a bit:

I think my discomfort stems from the language on the site – the idea that a woman’s body is made to be spanked, and by “a woman,” it can easily imply “all women.” I don’t believe in or agree with that. I think some of us are predisposed to want to spank and/or be spanked, and in those cases, it makes sense. It’s sexy, arousing. But not because you are doing it because you feel that you “should.” Like this language:

“The only Tool Husbans Have To Keep Wives Undercontrol!”

They also have a Yahoogroup.

That just doesn’t sit well with me – perhaps if the wife had a blog, so we could see her perspective, that would help.

What do you think?

Spankings with wood vs. leather

August 27, 2008

Over at Matt’s Spanking Blog, he has a post up about wood vs. leather. I honestly don’t get spanked often enough to have made a true comparison, but I like what he has to say:

Both have their purpose. We fantasize about wood, we imagine control, inarguable orders that must be followed. And then we discover that what we want is the idea of control, the image in our mind that never fails us, combined with the caress of our body in slower, persuasive, tailored strokes – the slowly building fire that coaxes our physical responses, that gives us time to react and absorb.

And sometimes we need more – early and after. Sometimes our bodies have to be pushed rudely into matching our mental state, sometimes they have to be controlled and directed. Sometimes we want the lasting undeniable physical memory of deep soreness, of sharp renewed pain. And sometimes we’re too sensitive for that.

Wood reminds us when we move, when we act, when we try to do something. Leather reminds us when we stop, when we relax, when we try to do nothing.

How can we be expected to choose?

Hands, canes, and other spanking toys

August 4, 2008

from Cigi’s World, an excerpt from a post about various spanking implements:

Even when I wear a skirt for a certain Top I play with, the first thing he does when he gets me over his knee is lift up the skirt and spank on my panties.

Once the hand spanking is over and the toys come out that is a fun part. Most of the Tops I play with have a considerable amount of their own toys, both homemade and purchased. But I also have my own toy bag, consisting mostly of leather but with some wood. I have a few toys that were gifts from beloved Tops (like the heavy strap that I have finally gotten worn in just where I want it) and the paddle that was given to me by a Top who knows I will never allow anyone to actually paddle me with it, him included. But most of the toys in my bag were made by one person, a kind man who lives in Florida and makes the best leather toys in the galaxy. I also have a wonderful razor strap that I recently purchased and am the proud owner of 2 more canes.

Canes are my favorite toy. Once I was introduced to the exquisite pain of this beautiful instrument, there was no going back. I loved everything about it. The first sharp and painful impact and the second delicious wave of pain I call the “afterburn”. Now, I like to be caned hard but not brutally. The cane can be brutal in the wrong hands and you can absolutely cut someone to ribbons if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also send someone to heaven if you do it right. I think the cane gets a bad rap in spanking circles. People see the cane and think of angry English schoolmasters or Singaporean justice. This isn’t so nor does it have to be. Yes, you can cause damage with the cane, but you can also fall in love for life with it, as I have done.

Spanking writing contest – win a copy of Spanked

August 3, 2008

Over at today’s installment of the Spanked virtual book tour at Thomas’s spanking exploits, you can win a copy of Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica! Go to his blog to enter, but here’s the premise of the contest:

The result, then, is a drabble contest. To clarify, a “drabble” is a short passage of exactly (or at least close to) a hundred words, typically used as a writing exercise to teach brevity. The theme for these passages will be “setting the scene.” Describe a scene in which someone is about to be spanked. It could be the moment before the first swat, or the ritual prior to discipline, or even being caught red-handed for a spankable offense.

Entries will be judged primarily for imagery and how easily the scene is visualized, but punctuation, spelling and grammar will count, too. The closeness to the desired number of words will also factor into judging. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Wednesday, then the contest will be closed for judging.

Emilie Gets Spanked

August 2, 2008

I’m loving the blog Emilie Gets Spanked – here are two of her freshly spanked photos – and you can check out her videos here

Natty’s most unusual spanking implements list

July 31, 2008

Natty has posted her “top ten most unconventional spanking implements list” – so what about you? What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been spanked with or spanked someone with?

1. Leek. This one definitely gets the first prize. I mean, how many spanking stories have you read with a bratty girl or boy on the business end of a leek? It was so unusual it even inspired poetry.
2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Vol. 2: Histories. The power of words took on a whole new meaning when a spanko friend years back looked up to my book shelf, saw this and decided to use it on my backside. Very thuddy, as you might imagine.

Natty’s Spanking Blog

July 29, 2008

I just added Natty’s Spanking Blog as a bonus day on September 1st as part of the Spanked virtual book tour. If you’re not already reading her blog, get your ass (ha!) over there now. Here’s an excerpt from a recent entry:

I felt like I had, if not a good excuse, then at least extenuating circumstances. A. was less convinced. And the thing was, even if I disagreed with him about the severity of the crime, there have been a zillion other times before where life for both of us would have been a lot easier had I just opened my mouth and talked to him. So I figured that on the larger point, he, um, well, had a point. I just didn’t want to admit that while he had the ping pong paddle in his hand.

My lack of external contrition (or perhaps, because of) did not stop him from using that ping pong paddle over just about every square inch of my ass, as well as repeatedly on certain square inches. With my mind still not quite in a kinky or punishment frame of mind, and still somewhat indifferent about my meditation misdeed, and still grief-stricken about being alone for (hopefully only) the next three months, I thought I just might cry. I could feel that familiar lump coming to rest near the spot my tonsils once were.

Before I could cry, the punishment part was over and the kinky/for-your -own-good-while-I’m-away spanking began. There was the clothesbrush. And the rubber paddle, which, mixed with my mental state brought me once more to the brink of crying. After a lot of kicking and squirming, he switched to the cane. It’s really a deceitful implement, that cane. To avoid bruising me too deeply, A. will often use it lighter than it would be otherwise. And that will seem, at first, not that painful. But it’s the cumulative effect that gets me clenching and jerking about, to the point that he had to hold my legs down. He then ended this beating with a half dozen strokes of the riding crop.

Also check out her “Time to Play: A Spanking Memoir.”

What to bring to a spanking party

July 24, 2008

From a longer well-worth-reading post on the topic at Cigi’s World:

I know we all like to think that spanking is this fun activity, and it is. But some of us play at a level that is more likely to result in broken skin or bruises. You have to be prepared for anything. Most Tops are mortified when they see that you have broken skin or that the lovely strap they just strapped you with 100 times has abraded the skin. But I know a few who I would swear do it on purpose. But that is a story for another post.

It was a wise bottom who told me at my first party not to come to a spanking party without the items I mentioned. She was right and I have thanked her after each party for her sound advice.

Ice from the hotel ice machine also works on welts and surface bruising. It also feels very good on a hot bottom.
A lot of bottoms have asked me about arnica. I am one of the bottoms who swears by it. Others are skeptical but I know it works for me. It is available in tablet form, a gel and cream. I prefer the cream because it’s less sticky and stings less going on than the gel.

It’s nice to lay there and just get your bottom rubbed with arnica. But you can’t just rub it on like you do lotion. It has to be worked deep into the muscles, almost like kneading bread dough. In the meantime, it also rubs out those hard spots you get from a wood paddle. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Do this every time you have a hard session and again before bed. When you wake up, most if not all of the bruising should be gone.The arnica should be allowed to soak into the skin completely before you play again or be prepared for a very stingy surprise. I’ve also found a nice herbal hot pack of lavender and red raspberry works on light bruising. It’s relaxing, too.

Cutie spankee indeed

July 18, 2008

Domestic Spanking Blog has some shots from Cutie Spankee that make me want to spank one of these girls!