Alison Tyler wants you to spank her

Not literally, but via your words…you have until tomorrow! See her blog for details.

I can’t escape, you know. I dance a few steps away, but I always come back. Spanking turns me on like nothing else. Yeah, I’m a voyeur. And an exhibitionist. And, I do like rubber and latex. I’ve got a thing for older men, and I like to watch girls kiss each other. My list of turn-ons could take us well into next week, and then some. But spanking will always be my first selection if offered a choice from the sex menu.

So what? So spank me. Give me your super-charged spanking erotica in 250 words max. No animals. (Come on. Who would spank an animal?) No incest. No underage. (Why the fuck do I have to say this every time? Because if I don’t, I get the creepiest submissions ever.) Please be 18 years old, and human. (No underage dogs related to me may submit.) Paste your anonymous story in the comments on this post. We’ll keep the contest going until Friday, then run a poll next weekend.

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