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To spank with panties, or without?

July 11, 2008

There is really almost too much hotness in this photo I found at Spanked With a Paddle. Count me in as a fan of spanking with panties on (as observer and recipient). It’s a real tease cause you kindof want them off, but they make everything more arousing, and add to the power play between spanker and spankee.

What say you? Panties on or off for a spanking?

Giant list of spanking blogs

July 10, 2008

I’ve been researching spanking blogs, for fun and to add to this site’s blogroll, and holy moly!

Check out this giant list of spanking blogs. Wow! Color me impressed.

“What is it to cane a woman?”

June 30, 2008

(photo via Spanking Abby)

On the blog Spanking Abby, Mr. Williams asks “What is it to cane a woman?”

Is it a purely sexual desire akin to entering heavens garden through soft wet lips? Is it a purely physical sensation like standing shoulders deep wrestling a spirited river? Does the whistling whisper of trembling rattan remind you of a particular day lying in a field, warm, on your back as the heavy breeze licked the corners of the blanket up around you? Is it less than that? Perhaps it may be as simple as the love of a long red raised weal under your finger, or the sound of heavy breathing between strokes as you wait for the white streak of it to appear. Is it the strength in her whimper as she begs, not for less this time, but for more?

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