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Best. Review. Ever.

August 13, 2008

Maui Dude on Amazon had this to say about “>Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica:

My favorite lead paragraph was provided by Madeline Glass in “Laser Tag”:

“The first time he spanked me, I thought he was a pervert. The second time he did it, I wondered if I was. By the third time, I was certain that we both were.”

Readers of this book might undergo a similar progression:

“After the first story, I thought Rachel was a pervert. Reading the second story, I wondered if I was. By the third story, I was certain that we both were.”

Incidentally, I was a little concerned that this book would “only” be about spanking. But rest assured, there are many other forms of sensuality and eroticism displayed in the stories (all of which are enhanced by spanking), and there are orgasms

Spanking erotica interview with Madeline Glass

August 2, 2008

Madeline Glass

Here’s my latest in my interview series with Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica contributors.

Madeline Glass is a writer. The erotic part happened by mistake. Her website began as a dating-after-divorce journal in 2005 and has been featured on Playboy Radio, and She is a contributor at the Village Voice‘s sexuality website and thinks that the Internet can save the world, if you are nice to people. Her sexy writing appears in the print anthology
Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, and her book of 365 real and deliciously photographed sex positions, The Daily Kama Sutra, will be published in 2009. Madeline enjoys coloring outside the lines, eating and masturbation; usually not all at once.

Tell us a little about yourself that’s not in your official bio.

I am very competitive. I won’t play Monopoly with my kids because when I do I become a horrible, evil, scheming person and I don’t like it. But I will kick your ass at Scrabble.

You wrote on your blog that your Spanked story “Laser Tag” was inspired by real events. Can you tell us more about that? How much of the story did you change?

The initial scene when Colette takes away Nick’s laser actually happened at a Flaming Lips show last year. This guy and his friends were annoying the hell out of my friend Vix and me. So I took the tall one’s laser keyring away. The rest of it is totally made up, because I think I scared the crap out of that guy.

What I thought was interesting is that the guy in the story is the one being the brat, playing with the laser, but he’s the one who winds up spanking the narrator. Do you feel that’s a bit of a role reversal?

It’s a complete reversal, which is what I enjoyed most about writing the story. I’m not a huge fan of predictability, and erotica is so full of it. I tend to gravitate toward the unexpected and unusual in life, and I’m a bit of a contradiction myself, so the power shift was something I really wanted to do.

After he’s been spanking her with his hands, Nick gets out a switch, and Colette thinks to herself, “I hesitated. His hands were one thing, but this? This might be taking things too far. I might not be ready for this.” She goes along with it anyway, and I think this is a theme in both spanking and spanking erotica—not being sure if one is ready for the next spanking or paddling or whatever, but taking it anyway, as if to prove that you can do it. How much of this element plays a role in your story?

I think that’s part of writing a good story—erotica or not—that element of overcoming uncertainty and fear. Actually, that’s kind of what life is, isn’t it? You can let it swallow you up, or you can act like you know what you’re doing and live through it.

In “Laser Tag,” you also write, “Three strikes on the second side and I gasped with each, smiling as the pain became something better.” Can you elaborate on what that “something better” is, and how it’s related to the pain?

In my experience, after the initial sting of a slap or a strike, there’s a conversion of pain to pleasure. In my head it’s like those time-lapse films of flowers blooming, and the flowers are the waves of pleasure exploding behind my eyes. They just keep coming so quickly that the pain isn’t just hidden, it disappears.

You are one of the 100 Divas in Lolita Wolf’s 100 Divas project. What was it like to get spanked by her? You said that she “does such a good job of spanking” – how do you distinguish a good spanker from a bad one? Any advice for those doing the spanking?

Well, technically I’m not one of the divas, but the photo of Lolita spanking me is the header for her 100 Divas project. I love Lolita because she is such a professional, and can adjust herself to the needs of whomever she’s spanking. It’s not as easy as people think; I’m actually training someone how to spank me properly right now, and it takes a lot of practice. You can’t just let loose with a wallop out of the blue, without warning. Lolita takes her time—warming me up, building from her hand to a flogger to a cane. I think she spanked me for an hour during that shoot. I’d recommend her book Spanking to anyone who wants to learn from Lolita. Hey, I might even let you practice on me!

Why do you enjoy writing spanking erotica? Is there anything different for you about writing spanking erotica vs. other kinds of erotica?

When I write, it’s to tell a story; not necessarily to titillate. When I write about sex, though, what usually happens is that I end up getting turned on. That’s how I know it’s good, if I have to take a wank break while writing. I started writing the Laser Tag story just to see if I could. About halfway through I had to jerk off, so that’s when I decided to submit it. I think the main difference with this story was that I knew I was writing for a more critical audience than when I spew blogginess on the Internet, so I may have been more conscious of keeping the voice and tone of the story consistent.

As a reader, do you have a favorite spanking erotica story?

I love Alison Tyler’s “Betty Crocker Gone Bad.” Because I have a huge sloppy crush on Tony Bourdain. Like, I would even let him feed me soft-boiled duck embryo in Vietnam. That huge.

What’s next for you?

I’m lucky to be working pretty regularly writing smut for hire, along with projects I can actually tell my mother about. Not included in that last set is my stint as the Girl Friday over at Fleshbot’s Sex Blog Roundup. So if you write hot stories on the Internet, email me at (at)

Below is an excerpt from Madeline Glass’s story “Laser Tag,.” Read the whole thing in Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica.

His cock was straining against his jeans and I pulled back to look at him. His face was serious, his eyes had lost all mischief. “Do it again,” I whispered. He smacked the other side of my ass and I moaned with the increasing intensity, feeling my pussy getting wet, both of my asscheeks radiating heat.

He growled, “You’re a naughty girl for stealing, aren’t you?”

The slaps had stopped, and I realized that if I wanted more, I’d have to play along. “Yes, I am, I’m a naughty girl for stealing.”

“And you need to be punished, don’t you?”

“Mmmm, I need you to punish me. I was wrong to steal from you. It was such a bad thing to do.” I wanted this to happenæI wanted to feel vulnerable and sexy and in trouble with this man who had so expertly turned the tables on me from earlier in the night.

“Stand up and take off your jeans.”

I backed off the couch and stood in front of him, slowly unbuttoning and unzipping and sliding the stiff fabric down my legs. My ass burned, and I let the jeans fall to the floor, stepping out of them and running my hands back up to my curves, their coolness a shock to my skin.

He sighed while watching me, and lifted his hips off the cushion. I dropped to my knees to help him out of his pants. As I pulled them down his thighs and he stepped out of them, he looked at me with the same knowing expression from the concert.

“Suck my cock, you little thief.”

God, I was wet. Everywhere. My pussy was hot and slick, and my mouth was watering. I dove onto his cock and he grabbed my head, pushing it down on his cock and thrusting his hips up into my face. He pushed me back and knelt on the floor. I was on my hands and knees in front of him, sucking him and arching my back, forcing my ass high in the air. He let his hands roam from my hips to my head, burying himself in my throat, my nose even with his pubis. I could feel his cock pass my gag reflex, and silently congratulated myself for all that deep-throating practice I’d done in college. I swallowed around his dick, the muscles of my throat closing even more tightly around him.

Madeline Glass gets spanked

June 23, 2008

Photo of hot blogger and Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica contributor Madeline Glass after a spanking (or maybe in the middle of one?) via her Flickr stream (reposted with permission) – we’ll have an excerpt of her story and interview here soon. Needless to say it’s HOT!

Read the intro and table of contents of Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica

April 25, 2008

Here’s some info about my upcoming spanking erotica book. I’ll be adding links or other information (I will not be posting anything X-rated as this site is going to be syndicated on Amazon) to this site as I go so if you have any suggestions, let me know at spankingantho at

Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica as an anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Busesl coming out from Cleis Press in July 2008. Table of Contents and introduction are below. If you’re into spanking, you’ll love this book. Be sure to also check out Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 1 and 2. This blog will have spanking news, links, and story excerpts. Feel free to send any info to me at spankingantho at and spankophiles, you can rejoice because there will be a sequel to Spanked coming out in 2009!

Table of Contents

Introduction: “A Fantastic Kind of Pain”

Spanking You Rick Roberts
Perfect Bound Shanna Germain
Betty Crocker Gone Bad Alison Tyler
Laser Tag Madeline Glass
A Rare Find Donna George Storey
Game, Set, Match Sage Vivant
Tied Down Andy Ohio
Through a Glass, Sharply Elizabeth Coldwell
Reunion Madlyn March
Riding the Storm Thomas Christopher
The Breeding Barn L. Elise Bland
Pink Cheeks Fiona Locke
Page by Page Laura Bacchi
Fiscal Discipline Simon Sheppard
Pre-Party Thomas S. Roche
Still Life with Infidels #56 M. David Hornbuckle
Indulgences Tenille Brown
Logan Rosalind Christine Lloyd
Daddy’s Girl Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Depths of Despair Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction: “A Fantastic Kind of Pain”

Just as I have a seemingly endless capacity to bare my ass and get it smacked soundly or make a squirming bottom hover on the edge of erotic oblivion with loud, ringing, stinging whack after whack, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading stories about spanking. There was a time when I wasn’t sure I could say that; after all, just how much is there to say about bending over and letting a firm hand connect with a pertly offered-up bottom? Or striking a pretty pair of buttcheeks so well the person beneath you moans in ecstatic agony? Well, as I’ve learned while editing this collection, there are an infinite number of ways to talk about the pleasures of getting spanked or spanking someone. While the actions may look alike, we all experience them differently and have different motives for indulging in this beloved kinky activity.

Me? I get off on just thinking about bending over for that special someone. Maybe I’m wearing panties, and only part of my bottom is visible. Maybe I’m not, and my spanker can see everything, including my wetness. I get wet at the mere idea of offering up my entire body to a lover to play with, tease, spank, and arouse. I’ve also had plenty of eager bottoms spread before me, offering asses that just begged to be spanked, whether they speak words to that effect or not. But for me, and for many others, spanking is about much more than just the physical. It’s about what that sensation creates inside of us. Spanking breaks down our barriers in ways even sex sometimes doesn’t; it stirs up emotions; it makes us whimper or cry, or be proud of just how much we can take. It’s primal and powerful, not to mention incredibly popular. I was thrilled to see spanking make an appearance on Showtime’s Californication, where the bratty, bossy bottom of a secretary demands that her boss spank her for any office infraction. “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” indeed.

And those who bestow spankings, whether with hands, paddles, hairbrushes, or other devices, relish that power to bring pleasure and pain mixed together, to completely undo the person they are spanking with just a few (or possibly many) whacks.

The authors included here get just how intense spanking can be. Reading these stories took my breath away, and, even more so than my previous collections (Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 1 and 2), made me instantly horny. They’ve tapped into the beauty of spanking in a way that newbies, seasoned spankophiles, and those who are simply curious will be able to understand in an instant.

Rick Roberts opens this anthology with “Spanking You,” a story I’ve read and reread numerous times, mesmerized by its rendering of a man so entranced by the vision he makes when he spanks his girlfriend, you imagine he could do it all night, every night, and never tire of it. He even offers up a little bit of a how-to for those would-be spankers looking for the courage to simply turn him or her over and begin this sensual process:

I used to tease you at the beginning of every spanking. As you’d kneel before me on the bed, not a stitch of clothing on your tan body, I’d fake the first blow—stopping just short of your ass, letting the air kiss your skin—and then place an affectionate caress onto your behind. By removing the certainty of whether the next sensation would be soft or a stinging slap, I’d keep you centered in the moment, keep you waiting and vulnerable, and your anticipation for the spanking grew. I would look down at you and smile, knowing that your desire for the first slap on your ass was growing unbearable by the moment.

Part of the thrill of spanking someone is being able to dangle what they most desire before them, to see them there waiting, panting, asking for it with body and soul, to know (or at least, fantasize) that they can’t get off any other way than by the “punishment” you are about to deliver. Elizabeth Coldwell paints a portrait of a true top in “Through a Glass, Sharply,” when she writes, “You have never really known power until the man you love is at your feet, naked or very nearly so, helpless and vulnerable, while you remain fully dressed and completely in control.”

Madlyn March describes a first-time spanking in a way that will be familiar to any who have gasped, trembling, as they realized they not only can take, but crave, a whole lot more spanking than they’d initially expected:

I remembered how it felt when Mimi did it to me. At first, you’re surprised someone’s hitting you, even if you’ve asked her to. Then you’re excited. Then you’re in pain, but it’s a fantastic kind of pain. Each slap makes you want more, as much as you can take, until you can’t take any more, and you’re shaking, more than ready to have an orgasm, the kind that can only be gotten from a woman diving headfirst into you with her wet tongue licking rapidly.

Any time an author can make me hot for something that in real life actually unnerves me, I’m sold. I’m not usually a fan of Daddy/girl stories, but in Teresa Noelle Roberts’ excellent story, simply entitled “Daddy’s Girl,” she renders that role-playing relationship and its spanking potential perfectly, dissecting her characters’ motivations while maintaining the magic they each hold so dear about their arrangement.

For some people, spanking is playful, almost sillyæsexy in a way that makes you laugh as you come. This spirit is alive and well in L. Elise Bland’s “The Breeding Barn,” where a cheese paddle does double duty on the ass of an unsuspecting but happy boy bottom. And for the woman who goes by the name “Pink Cheeks” in the story of the same title, her fantasy comes true, to the letter, though in a setting she’d never have expected.

What I love most about this book is that while there are plenty of naughty boys and girls, that potentially clichéd setup never gets boring, because the authors take you right there, into the heart of a punishment spanking, letting you know that, on some level, each of these naughty boys or girls doesn’t just deserve but needs to be spanked for his or her own reasons. The authors play around with these tropes, recreating the act of spanking until it morphs into something endlessly entertaining, just as a good top can keep a bottom on the edge, smacking harder and harder, then backing off, drawing out the play.

While I’ve subtitled this book, “Red-Cheeked Erotica,” what happens on the surface of the skin is just the beginning when it comes to spanking. There’s an elegance, a poetry, a beauty to spanking that is much more akin to making love than fucking. It’s a rhythm, a beat, a gracefulness, a way two people can connect without saying a word. These elements come together in M. David Hornbuckle’s simple yet powerful “Still Life with Infidels #56,” in which a planned kidnapping is set against the sparse backdrop of a steel mill as two recently reunited lovers attempt to recover what they’d lost.

The thrill of erotic spanking is nothing new, even if each time can make even the most experienced bottom feel like a blushing virgin all over again. James Joyce wrote a series of spanking-loving letters to his beloved wife Nora in December 1909 (and for a lesson in the art of sensual, utterly kinky yet romantic erotica, look up Joyce’s naughty letters online). I cannot legally quote him here, though believe me, Joyce was a fullon spankophile according to these missives, understanding precisely what it means to submit (and to willingly struggle).

As I already told you, when it comes to spanking, I simply can’t get enough. I hope these stories turn you on, inspire you, and spark your own imagination about just how hot a spanking from someone who knows exactly what he’s doing can make you.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City