Wife spanking – fun or duty?

I just discovered a blog called I Spank My Wife, via The Cherry Red Report and am intrigued by it, but not sure completely what I think of it. I did enjoy this photo quite a bit:

I think my discomfort stems from the language on the site – the idea that a woman’s body is made to be spanked, and by “a woman,” it can easily imply “all women.” I don’t believe in or agree with that. I think some of us are predisposed to want to spank and/or be spanked, and in those cases, it makes sense. It’s sexy, arousing. But not because you are doing it because you feel that you “should.” Like this language:

“The only Tool Husbans Have To Keep Wives Undercontrol!”

They also have a Yahoogroup.

That just doesn’t sit well with me – perhaps if the wife had a blog, so we could see her perspective, that would help.

What do you think?

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One Response to “Wife spanking – fun or duty?”

  1. Apoapsis Says:

    I liked the photo too and looked at the site. I noticed that the wife shares the the blog, it is somewhat confusing because just one account, here is a link to one of her entries , which may make you a bit more comfortable: http://spankmywife.blogspot.com/2007/05/spanking-day.html

    One of the things that I realized when I got involved with the spanko community is that issues of consent can quickly become complex but so long as the parties involved are on the same page, I feel it is good not to become too judgmental. I have been involved in relationships where disciplinary spankings were something I did, along with the other kinds, and I use them to encourage growth.

    Perhaps this guy really does believe that women in general would benefit from such an approach. I disagree with this last contention, as a particular example of the general proposition that there is very little that can be said to be true for all women (or all men). But then again, you were the one who brought the word “all” into it, perhaps that does not accurately describe his beliefs.

    Even if it does, that is not exactly the most disconcerting belief system I have ever heard. It might not be particularly PC, but as long as his wife is cool with it I don’t see too much in the way of harm.

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