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Spanking interview with me at ERWA

August 31, 2008

Over at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association (THE website for anyone looking to write or read erotica), Ashley Lister interviewed me about Spanked and my writing process/motivations:

Ashley Lister: Denise is an archetypical Rachel Kramer Bussel heroine in that she is self-aware and relates the story to the reader with layers of complex introspection that juxtapose cleverly against the physical aspect of the narrative. (I’m thinking archetypical here in the same mould as your unnamed heroine from Doing the Dishes, Best Women’s Erotica 04 and Mammoth Best New Erotica 4, and Marianne from Tight Squeeze in Rubber Sex). Why do you place such a strong emphasis on the psychological element of your characters?

Rachel: That’s an interesting question, one I’ve never really pondered before. Well, I think for one thing, dialogue is not my strong suit, so most of my stories are in the first person because that’s the easiest way for me to get inside the characters’ heads, and to tell the story.

But beyond that, I think at a very primal level, it’s the psychology of both my lovers and characters in stories that turns me on. The fastest way to rope me in is to share something truly intimate, and when you do it in a story, I think it creates this bond with the reader. It shows them where the character is coming from and why whatever action is happening turns them on so much. To me one of the greatest things about spanking, as a topic and activity, is there there’s such a vast range of motivations. You could watch, say, two men get spanked by two women. Both have their hands above their head, standing against a wall. Both women use the same black paddle. To an outsider, the scenes look the same, but maybe one is being “punished” by his mistress, and maybe the other has never been spanked before, and is curious. Or maybe he’s usually the top and they’ve decided to switch. You never know, and by telling the story in an engaging way, we can find out.

Interview by Em and Lo at Daily Bedpost

August 28, 2008

Over at Daily Bedpost, Em & Lo interviewed me all about spanking, everything from my favorite toys for spanking to punishment and roleplaying and more – check it out:

What would you say is the emotional appeal of spanking?

Gosh…to me, spanking strips away so many of the outer layers of protection I have around my emotional core, in a way that even sex doesn’t always do. When I’m being spanked, I’m so in the moment; all I care about is when the next smack is coming and how it feels and whether I’m doing a “good job” of being a spankee. It’s such a rush and it brings out all my needs to be wanted and praised. And when I’m spanking someone, I’m always just in awe that they’ll let me do that, let me go there; it often gets very heated (in both senses of the word), very fast. For a lot of people, getting spanked is a way to be vulnerable and let go. In my story in Spanked, the protagonist wants to cry during her spanking; I think people cry from being spanked not so much because it hurts per se, but for the same reason people cry sometimes after sex–it’s so powerful their body just needs an outlet.

Spankings with wood vs. leather

August 27, 2008

Over at Matt’s Spanking Blog, he has a post up about wood vs. leather. I honestly don’t get spanked often enough to have made a true comparison, but I like what he has to say:

Both have their purpose. We fantasize about wood, we imagine control, inarguable orders that must be followed. And then we discover that what we want is the idea of control, the image in our mind that never fails us, combined with the caress of our body in slower, persuasive, tailored strokes – the slowly building fire that coaxes our physical responses, that gives us time to react and absorb.

And sometimes we need more – early and after. Sometimes our bodies have to be pushed rudely into matching our mental state, sometimes they have to be controlled and directed. Sometimes we want the lasting undeniable physical memory of deep soreness, of sharp renewed pain. And sometimes we’re too sensitive for that.

Wood reminds us when we move, when we act, when we try to do something. Leather reminds us when we stop, when we relax, when we try to do nothing.

How can we be expected to choose?

Spanked on a scooter

August 27, 2008

Okay, I only wish I’d gotten spanked on a scooter, but there’s always next time. I think ‘d be nervous to ride it but it was so sexy and purple and yummy. I did straddle the scooter and talk about spanking with Jincey Lumpkin and you’ll be able to watch it on September 3rd as part of the Spanked virtual book tour – just visit queer girl social networking site DigiRomp that day to check it out!

Interview promo, Lower East Side

An ass just waiting to be spanked

August 26, 2008

photo via Best Sex Bloggers by Narrations by D

Ready to be spanked

Don’t you just want to spank her?

August 25, 2008

I do! via Daily Bedpost

Self-spanking with paddle video

August 25, 2008

from YouTube user memphistenn90 who writes:

saw someone on youtube spanking themselves using a wooden spoon it looked kinda “fun”-thought I’d try it with a paddle.*Those “smacks” are harder than they sound-my butt was RED

Spanking audio erotica

August 24, 2008

I’m very excited because over at Nobolis Erotica, you can listen to Danielle A. Nelson of Braindouche Studios read my Spanked story “The Depths of Despair.” I’ve been wanting to podcast my stories for a while, and even bought a voice recorder but…I’m slow. Maybe in 2009! For now, listen to that one.

Debra Hyde on her spanking limits

August 21, 2008

Writer Debra Hyde, of the long-running, kink-friendly, fabulous blog Pursed Lips, on the Spanked virtual book tour:

Through the years, many of my spanking discoveries defied my expectations. I learned that I personally can’t take the pounding hand spankings I’ve seen others take. Oh, I warm up just fine to those preliminary slaps, the ones meant to warm the skin and prep the flesh. But up the ante into full-fledge mode and you’ll find me at my physical limit in no time. It’s fine for an over-the-knee quickie (and I do enjoy pressing my belly against my superior’s erection during the agony), but no one has been able to figure out how to escalate a hand spanking so I can find blissful ecstasy in it. Or maybe I’m so sensitive that trying to get me there takes so long that it’s like watching paint dry.

Paddle me while I’m in blue jeans, however, and you’ll have me in heaven in no time. Dang, but doesn’t that feel good! And, if the friction’s right, I’ll get the spanking equivalent of rug burn. Yum!

I’ve found that for all the sting I can’t handle, I take a certain amount of thud just fine, thank you very much. The cane is exquisite torment. The paddle, trying. Especially if you use the spike side. (Beware: skin breaks damn easy. Which is fine with me, but if you’re taking my cue and bringing it to a partner, make sure you’re both prepared for it.) The flogger, the quirt, the single tail. I love to hate them all. And hate to love them as well.

Four paddles I’d like to be spanked with

August 20, 2008

Inspired by blogger Essin’ Em, who said that this paddle from EdenFantasys is her favorite one to get spanked with, here are a few I found at EdenFantasys that look super fun. Soon I’ll tell you all about the very public spanking I took at my reading at TES on Saturday – that was a first for me! Click on the images below to be taken to EdenFantasys to buy them or get more info.

Teddy bear paddle

Spider web paddle

Colorful paddle

Hand paddle