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Debra Hyde on her spanking limits

August 21, 2008

Writer Debra Hyde, of the long-running, kink-friendly, fabulous blog Pursed Lips, on the Spanked virtual book tour:

Through the years, many of my spanking discoveries defied my expectations. I learned that I personally can’t take the pounding hand spankings I’ve seen others take. Oh, I warm up just fine to those preliminary slaps, the ones meant to warm the skin and prep the flesh. But up the ante into full-fledge mode and you’ll find me at my physical limit in no time. It’s fine for an over-the-knee quickie (and I do enjoy pressing my belly against my superior’s erection during the agony), but no one has been able to figure out how to escalate a hand spanking so I can find blissful ecstasy in it. Or maybe I’m so sensitive that trying to get me there takes so long that it’s like watching paint dry.

Paddle me while I’m in blue jeans, however, and you’ll have me in heaven in no time. Dang, but doesn’t that feel good! And, if the friction’s right, I’ll get the spanking equivalent of rug burn. Yum!

I’ve found that for all the sting I can’t handle, I take a certain amount of thud just fine, thank you very much. The cane is exquisite torment. The paddle, trying. Especially if you use the spike side. (Beware: skin breaks damn easy. Which is fine with me, but if you’re taking my cue and bringing it to a partner, make sure you’re both prepared for it.) The flogger, the quirt, the single tail. I love to hate them all. And hate to love them as well.

Four paddles I’d like to be spanked with

August 20, 2008

Inspired by blogger Essin’ Em, who said that this paddle from EdenFantasys is her favorite one to get spanked with, here are a few I found at EdenFantasys that look super fun. Soon I’ll tell you all about the very public spanking I took at my reading at TES on Saturday – that was a first for me! Click on the images below to be taken to EdenFantasys to buy them or get more info.

Teddy bear paddle

Spider web paddle

Colorful paddle

Hand paddle

Hands, canes, and other spanking toys

August 4, 2008

from Cigi’s World, an excerpt from a post about various spanking implements:

Even when I wear a skirt for a certain Top I play with, the first thing he does when he gets me over his knee is lift up the skirt and spank on my panties.

Once the hand spanking is over and the toys come out that is a fun part. Most of the Tops I play with have a considerable amount of their own toys, both homemade and purchased. But I also have my own toy bag, consisting mostly of leather but with some wood. I have a few toys that were gifts from beloved Tops (like the heavy strap that I have finally gotten worn in just where I want it) and the paddle that was given to me by a Top who knows I will never allow anyone to actually paddle me with it, him included. But most of the toys in my bag were made by one person, a kind man who lives in Florida and makes the best leather toys in the galaxy. I also have a wonderful razor strap that I recently purchased and am the proud owner of 2 more canes.

Canes are my favorite toy. Once I was introduced to the exquisite pain of this beautiful instrument, there was no going back. I loved everything about it. The first sharp and painful impact and the second delicious wave of pain I call the “afterburn”. Now, I like to be caned hard but not brutally. The cane can be brutal in the wrong hands and you can absolutely cut someone to ribbons if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also send someone to heaven if you do it right. I think the cane gets a bad rap in spanking circles. People see the cane and think of angry English schoolmasters or Singaporean justice. This isn’t so nor does it have to be. Yes, you can cause damage with the cane, but you can also fall in love for life with it, as I have done.

Yes, it’s really my ass getting spanked

July 18, 2008

Yes, that is me sporting the schoolgirl skirt below, and you can see me get spanked with everything from a paddle to a spatula in the Spanked book trailer. For some reason, wordpress doesn’t want to embed, but you can watch it at YouTube or Blip. Many thanks to Fleshbot for the screenshot.

To spank with panties, or without?

July 11, 2008

There is really almost too much hotness in this photo I found at Spanked With a Paddle. Count me in as a fan of spanking with panties on (as observer and recipient). It’s a real tease cause you kindof want them off, but they make everything more arousing, and add to the power play between spanker and spankee.

What say you? Panties on or off for a spanking?

spanked hubby

July 7, 2008

For those who may think this blog has sided too heavily on the women getting spanked, that’s only because those types of stories and images seem more abundant in the spankosphere. But I’ve just discovered spanked hubby, a fabulous blog, and here’s an excerpt from a hot recent entry, complete with dual spanked male buttocks! As a woman who loves getting and giving spankings, I’m thrilled to see this.

We were positioned that James could see me if he looked up, and I could look to my right to see him if I so chose. In retrospect, I had no erotic anticipation or reaction I believe, but I will have to ask Lynn if she noticed any. [Lynn has replied that she noticed that no arousal was present]
Everything happened so fast, that I was bare bottomed and being spanked in under ten seconds from being informed.

Lynn started with a wooden paddle, but then switched to using her hand, which is rare in my spankings. Neither spanking that was in progress would really count as a warm-up, as the solidness of the sounds of the spanks that James was receiving resounded in the room. The ones I knew I was feeling from Lynn, stated that she had decided to not be outdone in the level of spanking being administered.

The ladies chatted occasionally, but i do not remember the words. This beginning of the spanking must have lasted five minutes, before they decided to view and admire their handiwork. (pun intended)

Laurie then picked up another implement, and Lynn returned to the wooden “holy terror ” type paddle. Lynn really started using the paddle hard, and at different angles. She especially liked using it in a north south spanking motion, thus just hitting the top half of my buttocks. It really stung, and hurt. I was grunting and certainly reacting to the spanks. I remember Lynn asking Laurie if she uses the paddle like this, when she started demonstrating a glancing downward action spank getting the lower half of my bottom.