What to bring to a spanking party

From a longer well-worth-reading post on the topic at Cigi’s World:

I know we all like to think that spanking is this fun activity, and it is. But some of us play at a level that is more likely to result in broken skin or bruises. You have to be prepared for anything. Most Tops are mortified when they see that you have broken skin or that the lovely strap they just strapped you with 100 times has abraded the skin. But I know a few who I would swear do it on purpose. But that is a story for another post.

It was a wise bottom who told me at my first party not to come to a spanking party without the items I mentioned. She was right and I have thanked her after each party for her sound advice.

Ice from the hotel ice machine also works on welts and surface bruising. It also feels very good on a hot bottom.
A lot of bottoms have asked me about arnica. I am one of the bottoms who swears by it. Others are skeptical but I know it works for me. It is available in tablet form, a gel and cream. I prefer the cream because it’s less sticky and stings less going on than the gel.

It’s nice to lay there and just get your bottom rubbed with arnica. But you can’t just rub it on like you do lotion. It has to be worked deep into the muscles, almost like kneading bread dough. In the meantime, it also rubs out those hard spots you get from a wood paddle. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Do this every time you have a hard session and again before bed. When you wake up, most if not all of the bruising should be gone.The arnica should be allowed to soak into the skin completely before you play again or be prepared for a very stingy surprise. I’ve also found a nice herbal hot pack of lavender and red raspberry works on light bruising. It’s relaxing, too.

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