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Such a tease…

August 13, 2008

This clip from YouTube is super short (30 seconds) and is also one of those where I have no idea if I long to be the girl in the video getting spanked or the one spanking her entirely perfect ass. Maybe both? Seriously. I mean, I love getting spanked but a perfect butt, on a guy or a girl, brings out my sadistic side.

Hands, canes, and other spanking toys

August 4, 2008

from Cigi’s World, an excerpt from a post about various spanking implements:

Even when I wear a skirt for a certain Top I play with, the first thing he does when he gets me over his knee is lift up the skirt and spank on my panties.

Once the hand spanking is over and the toys come out that is a fun part. Most of the Tops I play with have a considerable amount of their own toys, both homemade and purchased. But I also have my own toy bag, consisting mostly of leather but with some wood. I have a few toys that were gifts from beloved Tops (like the heavy strap that I have finally gotten worn in just where I want it) and the paddle that was given to me by a Top who knows I will never allow anyone to actually paddle me with it, him included. But most of the toys in my bag were made by one person, a kind man who lives in Florida and makes the best leather toys in the galaxy. I also have a wonderful razor strap that I recently purchased and am the proud owner of 2 more canes.

Canes are my favorite toy. Once I was introduced to the exquisite pain of this beautiful instrument, there was no going back. I loved everything about it. The first sharp and painful impact and the second delicious wave of pain I call the “afterburn”. Now, I like to be caned hard but not brutally. The cane can be brutal in the wrong hands and you can absolutely cut someone to ribbons if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also send someone to heaven if you do it right. I think the cane gets a bad rap in spanking circles. People see the cane and think of angry English schoolmasters or Singaporean justice. This isn’t so nor does it have to be. Yes, you can cause damage with the cane, but you can also fall in love for life with it, as I have done.

Excerpt from “Page by Page” by Laura Bacchi

July 7, 2008

Here’s a little teaser from Laura Bacchi’s excellent story “Page by Page” in Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, out this month from Cleis Press.

He warmed me up nice and slow with the journal, each smack landing on a different part of my ass. Left. Right. The sides and dead center of each cheek. I savored the heat building on the surface, felt the burn reach my nipples as they dared to stretch farther toward the floor. He picked up the pace, let the book pound me harder now. Below the leather cover, my ass tingled and the flesh deeper inside each cheek opened up to the pain while I opened up, like a story. Page by page, each new word stripping back a layer here and there, pushing me—the real me—to unfold for him.

He dropped the book. I jumped at the noise it made—the thud of the leather and the flipping of pages. I knew what would happen next…his hand. His palm wide and hot against me. His fingers teasing the rosy splotches he’d made.
I waited. A fingertip trailed over the split of my ass. “It’s just a toy,” he whispered.

And I pretended to believe him. “I know,” I said and spread my legs wider.

His other hand rested on the small of my back as the finger continued to explore me. He found my cunt and slipped in to the last knuckle. After slowly pulling away, he smeared the wetness over my ass, then went back for more. I flooded into his fingers, three of them now, as he cupped them at my hole to gather all he could. After he’d painted me warm with my own juices, the spanking began again, each blow more relentless and perfect than the last. I was sweating, writhing in bliss, ready to come. But I wouldn’t give him that pleasure. Not yet.