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Caned and Bruised Half Naked Thursday

August 7, 2008

Over at the new and flourishing Best Sex Bloggers, Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek posted this Caned and Bruised Half Naked Thursday photo:

Caned and Bruised Half Naked Thursday

She writes:

For my second HNT I wanted something, again, which is going along with another post of mine. I just yesterday published my recap of the weekend play party and my first public play experience, so I figured showing you all the pictures taken after that experience would fit right along nicely. The picture above was taken via Master’s camera phone, so it’s obviously not very good quality. Unfortunately we didn’t bring my camera with us to the party, so we didn’t get a good picture post-play aside from this one.

Obviously the coloring is a bit off, my skin is not actually that blue, but you can see the pretty cane marks on my butt and upper thighs, as well as some flogger marks mixed in for good measure. I think it’s pretty yummy, and hope you appreciate it as well!

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Happy to get caned

July 31, 2008

from Flickr user stef_install

Kyra gets caned – video

July 29, 2008

Watch sexy Kyra get caned: