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“Spanking is the New Black” by Madlyn March

August 15, 2008

A guest post by Madlyn March, author of “Reunion” in Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica.

This article, published a few days ago in the European paper Wales on Sunday, looks at the increase in the popularity of erotic books, especially those that feature spanking. Hazel Cushion, who publishes erotic books via her company Accent Press, thinks the rise in popularity is due to the whole Sex and the City effect. I’m not so sure about that, considering Carrie wasn’t an erotic fiction writer, but rather a writer of sexy non-fiction, which, in general, is more accepted than erotica. Still, there’s no denying the show made everyone a little more comfortable with sex in general.

Cushion says women like erotica books that have that “Sex and the City vibe rather than being all black and whiplash.”

This worries me, because I’d hate to think there’s only going to be one accepted kind of erotica out there–the safe, chick-lit type. If erotica gets a push into mainstream, all types of erotica–not just those appealing to straight SATC fans–should get that push.

Something else that’s interesting about this article is the fact that Accent Press gets great distribution. There was a time when erotic books were relegated to dirty bookstores in Times Square. These days they can be found in such upscale, general-interest bookstores as Borders. Erotic books can even be found in libraries these days, something unthinkable years ago. But buying erotica is still somewhat taboo, so it’s no surprise Cushion’s books are particularly popular on the Internet, hitting number one on

The article also once again opens up the whole “women like dirty words/men like dirty pictures” debate that has been going on forever. Cushion believes it’s true, though as a woman, I have to say, I don’t mind a dirty picture here and there, and I think others would agree with me.

One thing that fascinated me was Cushion’s statement that older women like her books a lot. This flies in the face of our stereotype of the older woman being less sexual than the younger one. I’m glad to see that’s not true, as I never really believed in that stereotype, anyway.

Another stereotype Cushion busts: “Some people confuse spanking with wife beating and domestic abuse but it is not. It is all down to the woman and what she wants.”

Cushion is publishing a spanking non-fiction book called The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy.

“…Spanking is very popular,” she tells the paper. “In fact, I’d say spanking is the new black. I didn’t know there was so much interest in it.”

Cushion makes an excellent point about spanking being as controversial today as being gay was many years ago. And she links feminism to spanking: “…Women have been so pushed into feminism and this idea they are equal, and some of them – often ladies with high powered, managerial jobs – want to give control to someone else.”

So it’s not so much feminism itself that has given rise to spanking, but feminism’s effects–more women having the kind of high-stress, high-responsibility jobs that men have always had. All day long women tell people what to do, for their jobs, so when nighttime comes, they want to be dominated. I can see that, as it’s probably been true of men in high-powered positions for years.

Cushion also agrees with the judge’s decision in the Max Mosley case, to award him 60,000 pounds.

The Spank Daddy book will be a Channel 4 (UK TV) documentary. Perhaps it will come here via Showtime, or some other outlet? We can hope.

Anyway, a fascinating article overall. Cushion is really quite the powerhouse. What other erotica publisher has met the Queen for her contribution to Britain’s business world?

Interview with Spanking book club organizer Cara Marie

August 12, 2008

Tell us a little about yourself.

In the BDSM world, I’m a full-time time-in collared submissive. My Dominant has 3 of us – an alpha, who has been collared for going on 8 years, me – the beta – I’ve been collared for (rapidly approaching) 2 years, and a part-time epsilon submissive. I primarily got into the scene 3 years ago through the spanking community, and that really is one first love 🙂 As I’m exploring myself more, I’m finding that I’m very much into bondage as well.

In the vanilla world, I’m a 24 year old graduate student working on a PhD in Biochemistry. I think of myself as a student of everything – hence my love of reading (just about anything I can get my hands on!). I was a competitive distance swimmer in college, and have now turned distance runner. Before I knew what made me tick, I expressed my “masochism” in the form of sports. Back when I was competing I didn’t know what it truly was, but it made me a great athlete! I have a drive to push myself past the limits of pain to get to a truly wonderful state. That can be achieved by swimming hard, running a marathon, or as I discovered when I got into the scene, by getting a hard spanking. They all take me to that state, and I love being there.

How did your spanking book club get started? How often do you meet and how does it work?

I was in a vanilla book club with my local library, and I was expressing my displeasure with the book choices. My sister sub made a comment that we should have a spanking book club – where we could read about our kinks, and discuss them in a constructive fashion. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun, and so I sent out a post to our spanking list-serve and as it turns out, a lot of people were interested! We’ve been going strong for a year now.

How many people are part of the group? How do you select which books you’ll read?

We have a yahoo group for the book club, and technically we have about 35 members. 20 or so of them regularly show up at our monthly meeting. We select the books by popular vote. I set up a poll on our club site, choose some books that have either been recommended or that I find through a Google search, and people can vote for the books that they want to read. I typically find about 10 potential books, and you vote for as many books as look interesting. We read the one with the most votes in the upcoming month, and then the runner up the following month.

What are you reading now?

Right now, we’re reading a collection of stories by our own club members! I had about 15 people submit stories, I compiled them, and handed them out at the July meeting. I have to say that most of them are great stories and I’m really enjoying them!

We have books lined up all the way through November – our (very exciting) reading schedule is:

SEPTEMBER: The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic, and Erotic Spanking Novel by Susan Kohler

OCTOBER: Yes, Ma’am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission and/or Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Pick one or read both!

NOVEMBER: What Happens to Naughty Girls by Erica Scott.

I hear you are all writing spanking stories as well – how is that going? What are some of the themes that come up in the stories?

They’re awesome, and they span every type of spanking literature – there’s F/F, F/M, M/F and M/M. Some of them involve the “classic” spanking scenarios – the wife going out and spending too much, the teacher who gets caught spreading rumors about the principal, the husband that is being rude and disrespectful to his wife, who gets sick of it and Doms a belt. Other really original ones include a sailor in the Navy that is spanked by a Navy officer for being incompetent, and a newly married couple that is constantly fighting and their neighbors come over and teach them a lesson. Very creative and well-written stuff!

What do you think makes a great spanking story?

The same things that make a great novel or a great movie – you need a plot and you need to feel connected to the characters. An author that makes the plot believable, and makes you love the characters is writing a great story. For me, my fantasies are so rooted in what could really happen in reality, and the spanking scenes have to be scenarios that I believe could actually happen. And of course, the steamier, the better!

Why do you like reading erotica, and spanking erotica in particular? Does it add to the real-life spanking interactions you have—do you learn things from reading or gain fantasy fodder?

Absolutely! A lot of members are fond of role-playing, and the books we read tend to fuel the fire and give them new ideas for spanking scenes. If it turns you on when you’re reading it, then it’s going to be even better in person, right? And sometimes, a good spanking story puts me in the right mindset for a good spanking. Some of my favorite scenes have been right after I’ve gotten done reading!

How can people get more information about the group?

We do have an online yahoo group, if anyone is interested in joining. We try to do discussion online, as well as at our monthly meeting. Some months that happens more than others, but I make a serious effort to try and include all of our online members. If you’re interested in joining the group, would like to read the books, and fuel some online discussion, please feel free to email me at at I’m happy to respond to any questions that anyone might have, and am even happier to send an invite to the Yahoo group to interested people.

Reposting the Spanked virtual book tour dates

August 6, 2008

Because you really should check them out – contests, podcasts, spanking musings, and more to come…

Bookmark this post as I’ll be updating it with the links to each stop o the tour!

Spanked virtual book tour logo

August 2008
Spanked Virtual Book Tour

1 – Alison Tyler
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3 – Thomas’s spanking exploits
4 – Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies
5 – The House of Richard Windsor
6 – Funky Brown Chick
7 – Baser Instincts
8 – Life in Motion
9 – All Things Spanking
10 – Viviane’s Sex Carnival
11 – Jamye Waxman
12 – Babeland
13 – NYC Urban Gypsy
14 – Femdom Spanking Blog
15 – Spanking Abby
16 – BadBadGirl
17 – Ellie Lumpesse
18 – Sugarbutch Chronicles
19 – Breathing In and Breathing Out
20 – Essin Em
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22 – Mixing It Up
23 – Domestic Spanking Blog
24 – Nobilis Erotica
25 – Live Girl Review
26 – All About George
27 – Lolita’s Predictions & Predilections
28 – Sexy Prime
29 – Naughty and Spice
30 – MeiLin Miranda
31 – AlwaysArousedGirl/JanesGuide

Bonus days!


1 – Natty’s Spanking Blog
2 – Kristina Wright
3 – DigiRomp (must be logged in; or you can watch it here

reposting the Spanked book trailer

August 6, 2008

In case you haven’t seen it yet….the Spanked book trailer. Someday I’d love to do a naughtier version, one that would have to go on a PornoTube or some such, but this one I deliberately kept pretty tame – but hopefully still hot (“cute” is the word I’ve heard the most).

Win a copy of Spanked!

July 23, 2008

I’m so excited to announce the very first contest to win a copy of Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica. (there will be more though.) This one is by my friend Alexis McKinnis, who writes a kickass sex column called “Alexis on the Sexes” for Minneapolis alt weekly She interviewed me for a few months ago. Oh, and I will be back in Minneapolis August 10th at Smitten Kitten for a reading and open mic, so if you want to get a signed copy of Spanked then (or you want to bring your copy for me to spank you with sign), you may do so. It’s at 7-8:30 on Sunday, August 10th, 3010 Lyndale Avenue Suth.

All you have to do…is tell her the funniest thing you’ve heard during sex! On your mark, get set…go!

Spanked banner for linking

July 18, 2008

If you want to link here ( in case you’re reading this on Amazon) and use this pretty banner, you can grab the code from Flickr. Thanks!

Spanked banner

Get Spanked on Facebook!

July 15, 2008

Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica now has a page on Facebook – become a fan!

From the set of the Spanked book trailer shoot

July 14, 2008

The Spanked book trailer debuts later this week. It was a lot of fun to shoot (and the spankings I gave and got after it!) and I’m very excited about it. Also, Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica is officially published! My publisher has copies and it should be shipping from Amazon any day now. If you want one right this minute, order directly from Cleis Press.

Here’s a photo of me on the set, and here’s one of some of the implements we used (many paddles are from Leather Thorn Paddles).

Behind the scenes at the Spanked book trailer shoot

Excerpts from Spanked

June 30, 2008

There are some excerpts from Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica up at the PGW (the distributor) website:

Erotic spanking — whether giving or receiving — is one of the most exciting, arousing, and sensual experiences to enjoy. In this enticing collection, spanking enthusiast Rachel Kramer Bussel has assembled 22 tales of red-cheeked arousal. Whether being disciplined for naughtiness or simply because they crave the sting of a hand against flesh, the men and women in these stories revel in being bent over, paddled, punished, and possessed by their spankers. Those delivering the blows find extreme pleasure in pushing their bottoms’ buttons, making them — and the reader — tremble and quiver in anticipation as they await the next smack. Featuring stories by Alison Tyler, Sage Vivaint, Lillian Ann Slugocki, Stan Kent, Elizabeth Coldwell, Thomas Roche, and others, this sizzling collection offers tales so breathtakingly vivid that readers might find their own cheeks sore just from reading it.

from “Spanking You” by Rick Roberts

I used to tease you at the beginning of every spanking. As you’d kneel before me on the bed, not a stitch of clothing on your tan body, I’d fake the first blow—stopping just short of your ass, letting the air kiss your skin—and then place an affectionate caress onto your behind. By removing the certainty of whether the next sensation would be soft or a stinging slap, I’d keep you centered in the moment, keep you waiting and vulnerable, and your anticipation for the spanking grew. I would look down at you and smile, knowing that your desire for the first slap on your ass was growing unbearable by the moment.

from “Page by Page” by Laura Bacchi

He warmed me up nice and slow with the journal, each smack landing on a different part of my ass. Left. Right. Sides and dead center of each cheek. I savored the heat building on the surface, felt the burn reach my nipples as they dared to stretch further toward the floor. He picked up the pace, let the book pound me harder now. Below the leather cover, my ass tingled and the flesh deeper inside each cheek opened up to the pain while I opened up, like a story. Page by page, each new word stripping back a layer here and there, pushing me—the real me—to unfold for him.

He dropped the book. I jumped at the noise it made—the thud of the leather and the flipping of pages. I knew what would happen next…His hand. His palm wide and hot against me. His fingers teasing the rosy splotches he’d made.