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True Confessons of a London Spank Daddy

August 4, 2008

Who knows if this is true or not, but this article “Hot Between the Covers” from WalesOnline talks about erotica and specifically, spanking, and the book True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy by Peter Jones. Only out in the UK so far (but U.S. release is in October), though I want to read it.

“As part of that series I met Peter Jones, the London Spank Daddy. I wanted him to write a story for one of my books called Spank Me.

“It struck me his own story was fascinating and worth breaking away from the normal form of erotic short stories.

“It has opened my eyes to the fact people are so much more accepting of people’s sexuality. Every high street has a shop selling vibrators whereas five or six years ago nothing was as honest and open as it is now.”

The author, Peter Jones – not his real name – is very much an “authoritarian figure”, quite old school and besuited, says Hazel.

“He agreed to the book because he wanted people to understand that for a fairly large percentage of the population, this is something inherent in them, not a freak or kink. It’s not necessarily sexual. Some people find they need to be spanked for discipline reasons as well as erotic.

“The spanking community are terrified – as gays were 20 or 30 years ago of being outed – but this will help make it more mainstream, even though it is something done in private.”

The book, which recently featured on a Sunday morning Radio 4 programme, has chimed with Formula One supremo Max Mosley’s celebration of a High Court judgement that championed his right to hold a spanking and bondage orgy with five prostitutes.

A judge awarded Mr Mosley £60,000 after deciding a newspaper intruded on the personal privacy of the son of Fascist leader Oswald Mosley when it secretly filmed the sado-masochistic session.

“I absolutely agreed with the court’s verdict,” says Hazel.

“Everything that happened was consensual.”

The book – the basis for a new Channel 4 documentary – details Spank Daddy’s modus operandi, which is to meet women face-to-face to assess their motives for wanting to be spanked, as well as his experiences.

Hazel says: “There are various spanking sites and party groups on the internet. An awful lot of spank doctors’ clients are very powerful executive women who spend the whole day being in charge. It’s a total release for them, having the power turned on them.

“I was intrigued as to why women would want such a thing. Sometimes it’s the discipline – and their husbands or partners wouldn’t hurt them enough and that’s when there’s no sex involved.

“What is really interesting is that women go to an older man, a smartly-dressed, authoritative head master type. He says to women things like: ‘Go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head for 10 minutes’. Some of the women do want the father figure because it represents to them a confident time of childhood when they are no longer in charge – daddy’s in charge.

“These people don’t want to be ridiculed for this because it means a lot to them. Some people confuse spanking with wife beating and domestic abuse but it is not. It is all down to the woman and what she wants.”

Just how common are spanking fantasies?

July 14, 2008

More on the Max Mosley case, which Spanked contributor Madlyn March had previosusly commented on

bolding mine

“Max Mosley case: a spanking good spectacle,” Rowan Pelling, The Telegraph

The debate at dinner parties, though, will centre on Price’s central argument in his client’s defence. “Most people,” he said, “probably think that S&M behaviour – spanking of bottoms, whips and role-playing, doctors and nurses, sheikh and harem, guards and prisoners – is permissible and private and even funny.” I certainly used to be amused by the small ads at the back of the Erotic Review, when I was its editor. One typical example was: “Spanking Parties. Regular meetings in central London for gentlemen who believe in old-fashioned correction and ladies who need it, in discreet friendly atmosphere.”

The appetite for a little light thrashing among the great British public was recently outlined in Brett Kahr’s book Sex and the Psyche, which summarised data collated from more than 20,000 British adults. It revealed that 13 per cent of adult Britons have fantasies of spanking someone else, while 12 per cent have fantasies of being spanked. Kahr found that when you consider the wider theme of power dynamics, “roughly a quarter of the British population derives orgiastic pleasure from the thought of role-playing themes of domination and submission”. It won’t surprise anyone to learn that Kahr believes these sexual fantasies often stem from the life histories of these individuals. Boarding school, anyone?

Guest post from Madlyn March

July 9, 2008

This is a guest post from Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica contributor Madlyn March: (all links at bottom of post)

photo by Shaun Curry/AFP/Getty Images

Max Mosley, a British man who owns Formula 1 motor racing and is president of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, likes getting spanked. And while I’m not at all shocked to hear there’s a man alive who likes being hit, apparently others are very surprised. He is a businessman. He is a senior citizen. He is respected. He should not be into S&M. This is what is implied in the stories coming out about him.

And this is a major story in the English press. Spanking is not the only part of the story, but it is the part that–as usual–gets the worst press.

Somehow someone decided that because Mosley’s father was a fascist, and because Mosley’s spanking scenes involved hair-shaving and speaking German, that there must have been a whole Nazi aspect to them. Mosley denies there was a Nazi connection, saying he is simply not into that kind of thing. (He does not deny the spanking, which was recorded.)

But what if Mosley were into Nazi-themed S&M? While I personally find such a scene too horrific to even contemplate, I have to say I think everyone has the right to do what they want behind closed doors, providing it is legal. If Mosley wanted to pretend the girls servicing him were prison guards, or that he was the guard, that doesn’t make him a Nazi, or even anti-semitic. It just means he has kinky sexual tastes.

And though the British press may want to pretend this is not a common interest, there is some evidence to the contrary, including the two mainstream films released in 1974 with guard/prison kinkiness (Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS and The Night Porter, starring the very respected Dirk Bogarde). These films would never have been made if there wasn’t enough of an interest.

But 1974 was a far more permissive time, and today in 2008, News of the World, which is, in theory, supposed to be an objective newspaper, has no problem calling Mosley’s interest “sick.”

Thankfully, Mosley’s lawyer reminds us all how common spanking is, as The Daily Mail reports:

“[Mosley’s] barrister told the judge: ‘It’s not a surprise to me or to others who don’t live in an ivory tower or a monastery or, I am sure, to your lordship, that to learn that quite a lot of people, men and women, have a fascinated interest in this sort of thing.'”

People actually like spanking! Film at 11!

Of course, this isn’t news to anyone but maybe your Aunt Ida living in the Midwest.

Mosley is saying News of the World ruined his family life by reporting on the spanking. He’s been with his wife for over 50 years. She didn’t know about any of it.

I feel bad for his family and for him, especially as far as the whole invasion of privacy thing is concerned. Society has an odd double standard for spanking. Tell some friends you’re into it and you’ll probably get a sly smile followed by many questions. But if the press finds out you’re into it–and worse, speak German while doing it–you’re “sick.” Even Mosley himself felt the need to call his interest in spanking “unfortunate,” as reported in a Reuters blog.

Mosley felt his private life should have been kept private, but should spanking really ever be kept quiet if you’re a public figure?

I don’t think so. The less papers report on it, the more odd it seems. If it was reported about more often and–this is the key–more objectively, it might be seen as less controversial and may even make more people open to it in their own sex lives.

I think James Price, who is Mosley’s lawyer, has the smartest thing to say about the whole thing, in the Telegraph.

“Bottom spanking, whip fantasy and role play scenarios are an interest [Mosley] accepts he has had since quite a young age. Most people probably think that S&M behaviour — spanking of bottoms, whips and roleplays, doctors and nurses, Sheik and harem, guards and prisoners — are permissible and private and even funny. The News of the World, we say, is out of touch with the instincts of decent British people.”

(As an aside, I will just add: Can James Price run for president? Even though he’s British and not a politician, maybe we could make an exception?)

In The Daily Star, Mosley gives this defense of spanking and S&M:

“As far as I know, everybody who participates in it enjoys it. The people who are victims want to be victims although some women never take the part of the victim and are purely dominant, some do both and some are purely submissive.

It’s an individual’s choice and it’s the same for the men.”

The fact that Mosley was cheating on his wife brings up yet another point. Why did he cheat? Was it just because wifey was not into spanking? What does a spanking enthusiast do when a partner is not into spanking? Is it morally wrong to cheat in that case? Or do you get these things out in the open right away and abandon the relationship–which might be perfect otherwise–if the other partner isn’t into spanking? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers, just the questions.

I’ll end on a bit of unintentional humor. The funniest part of the story is News of the World’s defense, (again, as reported in the Telegraph): The NOTW side maintained they were doing the right thing by publishing the story because: “whipping or beating someone until he bleeds is a criminal offence.”

Here are the links, with more info. British commenters seem pretty ok with Mosley. Not sure American commenters would be if this had happened in the US.