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Audacia Ray interviews me for Live Girl Review

September 2, 2008

The fabulous Audacia Ray interviewed me for her podcast Live Girl Review – watch below (or if it doesn’t show up, just go to Live Girl Review on

Spanking audio erotica

August 24, 2008

I’m very excited because over at Nobolis Erotica, you can listen to Danielle A. Nelson of Braindouche Studios read my Spanked story “The Depths of Despair.” I’ve been wanting to podcast my stories for a while, and even bought a voice recorder but…I’m slow. Maybe in 2009! For now, listen to that one.

Ellie Lumpesse’s ass – oh, and an interview too!

August 20, 2008

The Spanked virtual book tour is going really well – do keep checking it out. You get things like this photo below, of Ellie Lumpesse‘s ass – oh, and she interviewed me about Spanked plus is offering you the chance to win a copy!

Listen to an excerpt from “Riding the Storm”

August 16, 2008

Spanked virtual book tour logo

As part of the Spanked virtual book tour, listen to blogger Bad Bad Girl rad an excerpt from Thomas Christopher’s story “Riding the Storm.” Hot!!

I heart Richard Windsor

August 6, 2008

So I felt really dumb when I realized that I was supposed to get back to blogger Richard Windsor about hmi interviewing me for his blog for the virtual book tour. I, um, am not that Internet savvy about certain things and don’t have Skype and haven’t quite figured it out yet.

But now I’m kindof grateful because he’s put together this wonderful post where he reads from Shanna Germains’ story “Perfect Bound,” Elizabeth Coldwell’s “Through a Glass, Sharply,” and my own “The Depths of Despair.”

I think listening to erotica brings out nuances of stories that simply reading doesn’t, so it’s wonderful to hear him, especially with his sexy British accent. And it reminds me that I bought a voice recorder way back in like March and haven’t used it yet! Again, my technofear arises. Will work on that.

Also, Richard’s bog has a “Bloggers I Have Spanked section” – how cool is that? I would start one, but…I might get into trouble. Maybe Bloggers I’d Like to Spank? Like a kinky crushes list.