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An ass just waiting to be spanked

August 26, 2008

photo via Best Sex Bloggers by Narrations by D

Ready to be spanked

Such a tease…

August 13, 2008

This clip from YouTube is super short (30 seconds) and is also one of those where I have no idea if I long to be the girl in the video getting spanked or the one spanking her entirely perfect ass. Maybe both? Seriously. I mean, I love getting spanked but a perfect butt, on a guy or a girl, brings out my sadistic side.

Pretty red bottom

August 12, 2008

via Viviane

Pretty spanked cheeks

August 2, 2008

from Flickr user newcatabella

spanked hubby

July 7, 2008

For those who may think this blog has sided too heavily on the women getting spanked, that’s only because those types of stories and images seem more abundant in the spankosphere. But I’ve just discovered spanked hubby, a fabulous blog, and here’s an excerpt from a hot recent entry, complete with dual spanked male buttocks! As a woman who loves getting and giving spankings, I’m thrilled to see this.

We were positioned that James could see me if he looked up, and I could look to my right to see him if I so chose. In retrospect, I had no erotic anticipation or reaction I believe, but I will have to ask Lynn if she noticed any. [Lynn has replied that she noticed that no arousal was present]
Everything happened so fast, that I was bare bottomed and being spanked in under ten seconds from being informed.

Lynn started with a wooden paddle, but then switched to using her hand, which is rare in my spankings. Neither spanking that was in progress would really count as a warm-up, as the solidness of the sounds of the spanks that James was receiving resounded in the room. The ones I knew I was feeling from Lynn, stated that she had decided to not be outdone in the level of spanking being administered.

The ladies chatted occasionally, but i do not remember the words. This beginning of the spanking must have lasted five minutes, before they decided to view and admire their handiwork. (pun intended)

Laurie then picked up another implement, and Lynn returned to the wooden “holy terror ” type paddle. Lynn really started using the paddle hard, and at different angles. She especially liked using it in a north south spanking motion, thus just hitting the top half of my buttocks. It really stung, and hurt. I was grunting and certainly reacting to the spanks. I remember Lynn asking Laurie if she uses the paddle like this, when she started demonstrating a glancing downward action spank getting the lower half of my bottom.

More of my ass

July 2, 2008

from an October 2006 photo shoot with Bob Schaffer