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An ass just waiting to be spanked

August 26, 2008

photo via Best Sex Bloggers by Narrations by D

Ready to be spanked

Vintage Spank

July 2, 2008

I’ve become really enamored of the blog Vintage Spank, with its classic black and white spanking photos that, while they leave much to the imagination, are also totally hot. I love that people have been spanking each other for…how long? Forever? The idea of it makes it seem extra naughty, but also kindof sweet. So bring on the vintage spanking!

More of my ass

July 2, 2008

from an October 2006 photo shoot with Bob Schaffer

Madeline Glass gets spanked

June 23, 2008

Photo of hot blogger and Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica contributor Madeline Glass after a spanking (or maybe in the middle of one?) via her Flickr stream (reposted with permission) – we’ll have an excerpt of her story and interview here soon. Needless to say it’s HOT!