Debra Hyde on her spanking limits

Writer Debra Hyde, of the long-running, kink-friendly, fabulous blog Pursed Lips, on the Spanked virtual book tour:

Through the years, many of my spanking discoveries defied my expectations. I learned that I personally can’t take the pounding hand spankings I’ve seen others take. Oh, I warm up just fine to those preliminary slaps, the ones meant to warm the skin and prep the flesh. But up the ante into full-fledge mode and you’ll find me at my physical limit in no time. It’s fine for an over-the-knee quickie (and I do enjoy pressing my belly against my superior’s erection during the agony), but no one has been able to figure out how to escalate a hand spanking so I can find blissful ecstasy in it. Or maybe I’m so sensitive that trying to get me there takes so long that it’s like watching paint dry.

Paddle me while I’m in blue jeans, however, and you’ll have me in heaven in no time. Dang, but doesn’t that feel good! And, if the friction’s right, I’ll get the spanking equivalent of rug burn. Yum!

I’ve found that for all the sting I can’t handle, I take a certain amount of thud just fine, thank you very much. The cane is exquisite torment. The paddle, trying. Especially if you use the spike side. (Beware: skin breaks damn easy. Which is fine with me, but if you’re taking my cue and bringing it to a partner, make sure you’re both prepared for it.) The flogger, the quirt, the single tail. I love to hate them all. And hate to love them as well.

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