What’s the perfect spanking?

Fetlife user Erica asks What makes the perfect spanking?

A handsome, confident and dominant man, with a calm and authoritative voice, is displeased with me. Probably because I’ve been a smart-ass and have pushed him too far. He warns me, but I pay no attention. I know I’m sealing my fate, but I just can’t help myself.

He firmly takes my arm and pulls me over his knee. The spanking begins on my skirt, but as I continue to sass and giggle, my skirt is soon raised and he is spanking me on my panties. The smacks are even and measured, alternating cheeks, slowly increasing in intensity. He pauses to lecture and rub, say that I should apologize, but of course I refuse. So my panties come down, and the spanking gets harder.

I grow breathless, and he reminds me to breathe. It’s starting to hurt, but I am stubborn. So is he. He smacks all over the bottom and in the sweet spot, where my bottom and upper thighs meet. He continues to lecture, asking once again for an apology, but I won’t give him one.

Read the rest of her spanking fantasy as well as many other responses at Fetlife

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