Pretty panties, pretty bottoms, pretty everything

Underwear company La Fille D'O

This interview at Naked City with Belgian lingerie designer Murielle Schierre is not directly about spanking but…how hot is that photo? And here’s part of what Schierre says:

When I design lingerie or when I need to decide on a project or a look for a show or whatever, if it’s linked to my brand I will think of something I would like to see happening in other brands. I try to think as a consumer, I think of the demand. I don’t want to be the stuck up designer bitch who saw the light and is so nice to share her wisdom of what we plebeians want. I don’t want that and I don’t need it. If I see a brand I need to feel that the people behind it have it in their blood. I want to be seriously crazy about it. In love with every single one of their products, willing to lose and arm for it. I want the product to be clever but also naïve in a way. I want the designs to become a second skin that draws the eye of the beholder to where I want it. And the next time I hold that piece, I want it to give me a flash back of every single memory it holds, of each adventure it had. I want that adventure slightly showing by my blushing cheeks. That’s how I do my designs – ior at least I try to.

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