Get thee to Fetlife pronto

I just joined kinky social networking site Fetlife, the so-called “Facebook for kink” and am loving it. I’m already in a relationship, but meeting like-minded folks, connecting with other kinky people I already know, and exploring groups like Spank You Very Much and Kinky and Geeky is a lot of fun. Spank You Very Much in particular is wonderful, and I’ll be posting more on it soon – there are discussions on everything from to the handprint to “Does anyone else like a strugle?” to “Over the knee or standing?”

And here’s news of a 3-day spanking party in Chicago from poster SuburbanSpanker:

Alright fellow spankos are you ready for 3 days of spanking fun along with a vendor fair? Chicago Crimson Moon is a spanking group made of people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you are new to the scene or been a spanko for as long as you can remember this is a fun atmosphere for all. Scene names are used along with designation top,bottom,switch and all play is agreed upon. There is no pressure to play if you don’t want. There is a main play room and if you want to play in private you can go to your room and do so. All you have to do is fill out an application and send it back with your party fee and then you will recieve an email with hotel information. You do not need to be local, we have many members from out of state. There is also a new member orientation to go over rules and any questions. Hope to see you there!

When: July 31-Aug 2 Where: Near O’hare Airport, Chicago, IL Registration Deadline: July 23 Register at

And guess what? There’s a Kinky Intellectual’s Book Club (which has close to 700 members) and they’ve picked Spanked to be their September book! How cool sis that? If you’re at all interested in kink/fetish, I highly recommend the free and fascinating Fetlife.

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