I had never really thought about self-spanking until I started researching the topic for this blog. I know in the film Secretary, Maggie Gyllenhaal briefly spanks herself. To me, it’s a curious idea because while I totally get off on being spanked, it’s the fact that someone else is spanking me that does it. I don’t think I could muster the proper arousal to be at home alone spanking myself, even with a beautiful paddle.

Here’s what Chrissy from Self-Spanking (whose bottom is featured above) said about it:

My Husband and I agree that I need to be spanked on a regular basis. I desire to do better and when certain expectaions are not met I get a spanking.

Earlier today I was instructed by my husband to administer a spanking to myself. This morning, I did not get up and get started with my chores as I was suppose to. He is out of town on business & since he was not here to administer my punishment I had to spank myself. I had to record it & email it to him. He will follow up & give me a more severe spaking once he comes home. He loves me very much and only wants what is best for me. We are both very much in to spanking. I on the receiving end & he on the giving.

The blog Span Co. is also all about spanking, and here’s how he describes it:

Initially, my attraction to spanking was sexual. I would view the pictures and videos and read the accounts of others’ experiences and get so aroused that masturbation was a foregone conclusion to every Internet session. Then I began to wonder what it would be like to be spanked. I wanted to experience it myself and, already being the owner of a long-handled bath brush, began to experiment with self-spanking. Self-spanking became part of my solo sex life.

Then one day I discovered the real power of spanking. I had had a difficult day. I dragged myself home and just could not shake the anger and disappointment of the day. I heard myself say, “I need a spanking.” Now keep in mind that spanking had always been playtime up to this point so it was something of a departure for me to think about spanking outside of that context. Nevertheless, I gave myself a spanking that afternoon and made a discovery that has made my life much better. Giving myself a butt blistering smoothes out all the wrinkles in my spirit. I still find spanking an incredibly sexually arousing experience but its real value is in its power to calm my soul.

I love the line “smooths out all the wrinkles in my spirit.” That is such a beautiful description of BDSM bliss, isn’t it?

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One Response to “Self-spanking”

  1. cassandra Says:

    I often get stress relief from being spanked, but I think a lot of that is also because someone else is spanking me, and caring about me. I just don’t think self spanking would be the same.

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