Metro (UK) explains erotic spanking

“The world of erotic spanking unveiled,” by Lisa Scott, Metro (UK)

Of course, erotic spanking is nothing new. Victorian pornography was full of it. Spanking benches clutter BDSM clubs. And behind closed curtains, couples up and down the country use paddles and hairbrushes to satisfy each other’s fantasies. But it is the insight into the female mind that makes these memoirs so intriguing.

‘Most women want to create a scenario based on real life. So they’ll use the fact they’ve been caught speeding as a reason to be punished by the Spank Daddy,’ Jones explains.

Libertina, 37, from London works in finance. Although her husband doesn’t enjoy being spanked himself, he agrees to spank her to satisfy her kink and they’re now considering calling in a third party. Like the women Jones meets, she also likes to create scenarios (they’re not as glamorous as you might think). ‘My favourite is when I forget to use vouchers when I’m shopping online. Once it’s finished, that’s when the enjoyment starts. I enjoy feeling punished,’ she explains.

Many say they enjoy the pain because it releases endorphins. Others, like Libertina, say the humiliation is cathartic – something Jones believes is true. He meets various women who ask him to help them quit smoking, stop spending on their credit cards and lose weight. One woman, Ginny, became gym pals with Jones and their friendship soon spilled over into an occasional personal one.

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