A very well spanked man

From, appropriately enough, the site Well Spanked Man. I like that the post is called “Teaching Her How to Spank.” I’ve never really co-topped anyone and am totally intrigued by the idea, especially since I’m a voyeur and like threesomes. Perhaps something to explore in the future.

Here’s what Well Spanked Man wrote:

My bottom is once again good and red tonight as we just finished a shoot.This was our first video with another person! In it, Kelli tells Twilight how she’s learned her husband is seeing an escort, and that I am covering for him. They both give me the fifth degree and spank the truth out of me, with Twilight teaching Kelli how to give a spanking so that she can keep her straying man in line. I made a valiant attempt at keeping my friend’s secrets, but eventually the truth came out, leaving me with a sore and punished backside.

Both Kelli and her hubby are kinky, which was strange to learn since they have been good friends of ours for a couple of years. Normally, however, she is on the receiving end so she was eager to learn how to give a good spanking. We hope to shoot a follow-up video soon.

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