Just how common are spanking fantasies?

More on the Max Mosley case, which Spanked contributor Madlyn March had previosusly commented on

bolding mine

“Max Mosley case: a spanking good spectacle,” Rowan Pelling, The Telegraph

The debate at dinner parties, though, will centre on Price’s central argument in his client’s defence. “Most people,” he said, “probably think that S&M behaviour – spanking of bottoms, whips and role-playing, doctors and nurses, sheikh and harem, guards and prisoners – is permissible and private and even funny.” I certainly used to be amused by the small ads at the back of the Erotic Review, when I was its editor. One typical example was: “Spanking Parties. Regular meetings in central London for gentlemen who believe in old-fashioned correction and ladies who need it, in discreet friendly atmosphere.”

The appetite for a little light thrashing among the great British public was recently outlined in Brett Kahr’s book Sex and the Psyche, which summarised data collated from more than 20,000 British adults. It revealed that 13 per cent of adult Britons have fantasies of spanking someone else, while 12 per cent have fantasies of being spanked. Kahr found that when you consider the wider theme of power dynamics, “roughly a quarter of the British population derives orgiastic pleasure from the thought of role-playing themes of domination and submission”. It won’t surprise anyone to learn that Kahr believes these sexual fantasies often stem from the life histories of these individuals. Boarding school, anyone?

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2 Responses to “Just how common are spanking fantasies?”

  1. Thomas_III Says:

    Those numbers don’t seem very surprising to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real numbers are actually even higher.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I believe Jay Wiseman, in one of his books, estimated about 15% of the population was interested in spanking enough to go from fantasy to reality. At the time, I wondered how representative his sample was.

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