To spank with panties, or without?

There is really almost too much hotness in this photo I found at Spanked With a Paddle. Count me in as a fan of spanking with panties on (as observer and recipient). It’s a real tease cause you kindof want them off, but they make everything more arousing, and add to the power play between spanker and spankee.

What say you? Panties on or off for a spanking?

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3 Responses to “To spank with panties, or without?”

  1. cassandra Says:

    I prefer to be spanked without panties. I like to have panties on at the beginning of the spanking though, and like having them taken down when I am across the knee. Having to remove my panties is fun too, especially when I have to take off slacks or jeans to get to them.

  2. Thomas_III Says:

    I like a nice pair of pretty panties, but they’ll never stay on throughout the ENTIRE spanking. As Cassandra said, removing a girl’s panties, or having them remove them, themselves, is an added thrill to any spanking.

  3. Lace Says:

    I almost always start with a pair of pretty panties…and If I know that I’m going to be spanked I pick something special out for that day. In reality you almost always wear panties when you get dressed, right? And when you are caught doing something that deserves a good spanking …well most of the time you’ll have your panties on.
    But when I get paddled, well I am kinda careful about my bottom and a wooden paddle can cause blisters fast. I almost always want something between my bum and a a paddle even thought the feel of that wood sticking to my bum with each swat is such a turn-on.
    Sometimes I’ll just have my BF put some kind of lotion on the seat of my panties and it’s like they are not there… and I don’t get blisters.
    As for hand spankings…Panties down!

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