Bath-time spanking

from the blog Just My Random Perverted Thoughts – click through to read the whole thing:

“Does it hurt?” MP enquired.
“Yes, of course it hurts.” I winced at the impact of the bath brush.
“Don’t say it like that, I was only asking.” She swung the bath brush and smacked my bottom cheeks again.
“That one was a lot harder. How was that one?”
“Ouch. That hurt much more.”

MP was spanking my wet bottom in the bath. She was really hanging it out. A few smacks then a long pause while I washed her. We had got as far as smack number six.

“You can wash my hair now.” She lay back and waited.

As I reached over to get the shampoo she ran her hand over my bum.
“It’s very red. But not quite red enough yet.”

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