Spanking erotica interview with Spanked contributor Donna George Storey

Donna George Storey's backside
“A Rare Find” author Donna George Storey

Here is my second Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica contributor interview (the first was with Teresa Noelle Roberts, author of “Daddy’s Girl.”)

Donna George Storey’s erotic fiction has appeared in She’s On Top, He’s on Top, Sexiest Soles, Sex and Candy, Garden of the Perverse, E is for Exotic, Taboo, Best American Erotica 2006, Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 4, 5, 6 and 7, and Best Women’s Erotica 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Her novel set in Japan, Amorous Woman, is part of Orion’s Neon erotica series. Read more of her work at

Tell us a little about yourself that’s not in your official bio.

This confession seems especially appropriate to my story: I have a modest collection of vintage Playboys (the Beatnik issue is a favorite), Penthouses (the Bicentennial issue is great), and that defunct erotica magazine, supposedly for women but a favorite of gay men, Viva. You know that old joke that men read Playboy for the articles? I read mine for the old-tyme advertisements. The smell of the old paper takes me straight back to the last century. I like to imagine what previous owners of the magazine were doing and thinking as they read it, although my copies are all in excellent condition, so at least these ghostly predecessors retained proper respect for the printed image.

On a related topic, my first exposure to spanking erotica was an advertisement I saw in my older sister’s copy of another classic erotica magazine, Libido—“I Stand Corrected.”

What inspired your story, “A Rare Find,” in Spanked?

You mentioned “group spanking” as one of the variations in the spanking subgenre you were looking for in your anthologies, and the idea really intrigued me. How would such a thing come about? My twisting-turning imagination came up with a little video clip of an impromptu spanking party where the partners switch in interesting ways. An ensemble piece with six actors. Of course, there had to be someone making it happen. I decided to make my director the hostess of a wine-tasting party, the woman who narrates the story. She was reluctant at first, although she learns as she goes and gradually warms up to the pleasures of her power to shape the evening’s activities.

What I liked about “A Rare Find” is that you alluded to spanking in the pop culture of yesteryear, reminding us that BDSM is nothing new (kind of like you did with “To Dance at the Fair” in Dirty Girls). Do you think our ancestors were kinkier than we are?

I’d love to go back in time and interview people in past generations about how they experienced sexual pleasure. Then I could give you a definitive answer but alas this is an impossible project on many levels.

Given my limitations, I’d conjecture that the erotic materials that have survived for us to examine tend to represent more extreme or creative—or should I call it “kinkier?—expressions of sexuality rather than an accurate reflection of the sexual interests of the general public. I think it’s also true that the repressive times meant everyone had to redirect their erotic urges, either bury them or express them in more acceptable forms. Spanking was in fact one of the few socially accepted forms of intimate touching between unmarried people. And it happened in the name of decency and propriety, although I’m sure other forbidden, in particular erotic, feelings were part of the equation for many. The fact that this energy couldn’t be openly acknowledged probably made the encounters all the more potent.

There are some interesting dynamics going on in your story, where it’s sometimes hard to tell (or hard for your characters to tell) who wants a spanking and for which reasons. It keeps the reader guessing as to who’s really in charge. Was it your intent to play with the idea of spanking and desire?

Very much so. Erotic spanking is all about blurring boundaries between punishment and desire, dominant and submissive, pleasure and pain. In our less-kinky society today, lovers are supposed to be equals who please each other with thoughtful, tender caresses. (Excuse me while I stifle a yawn). That is, subtract anything resembling power play, danger, suspense or the breaking of taboos. I tried to include a bit of all of this in “A Rare Find.” The act of spanking starts of as punishment and humiliation, but then becomes a show, with the person being spanked as the star. Then the power shifts back to the spanker, not always in administering the slaps, but also in holding back that oh-so-satisfying slap on the buttocks. But that’s not the end of the story either. Many of the characters discover that they really want something different than they thought—but surprises are sexy, too. By the way, you will notice that each character was given a turn at taking control and being put back in his or her place—I like to be fair!

Why do you enjoy writing spanking erotica? Is there anything different for you about writing spanking erotica vs. other kinds of erotica?

The more I write erotic stories, the more I’ve come to understand that what makes a piece exciting is not the sex itself, but the tension in the relationship of the characters. Spanking stories naturally come with a power dynamic that insures a story with sizzle.

I also like the way spanking erotica is rooted in the past, which gives it a richness and resonance. Not just the historical past I mentioned above, but a personal, psychological past. I was never spanked as a child, yet the situation puts me in touch with my deepest and most primal feelings about arousal, authority, surrender. I like to write about mysteries and erotic spanking is definitely a mystery worth exploring—but, and I mean this seriously, only between consenting partners over 18.

As a reader, do you have a favorite spanking erotica story?

I’m a big fan of Mary Gaitskill’s “Secretary” from her first story collection, Bad Behavior. If you’ve only seen the movie with the same title, I urge you to check out the original story. It’s darker, more focused, and in my opinion, much sexier.

I have another favorite that lingers in my memory, but I can’t remember the title or the author. Maybe one of the readers of this blog could help me? I read it first in an anthology of erotica by women, then saw it reprinted in Best American Erotica, I’m thinking a volume from around 2000-2002. In the story, the point of view shifts between a female boss and her new secretary. In the course of her training, the secretary is spanked for wearing red to work, forced to read the submissive role in a film script with a dyke actress. Finally the boss fucks her in front of a mirror, ruining the secretary’s pantyhose in the process. Afterwards, the secretary demands an inflated sum like $200 to replace the pantyhose, which the boss forks over, thus suggesting that the games will continue, but the bottom really holds the upper hand. Both the plot and the writing style were first-rate and very hot. If this rings a bell, let me know. I’d like to recognize the author for an excellent read that really stayed with me—my apologies for being better at remembering faces than names!

What’s next for you?

I’m in the midst of promoting my new novel, Amorous Woman, (ISBN 1905619170) the story of an American woman’s love affair with Japan. Naturally it has a spanking scene—in an office, which, if you’ve read my stories, is obviously my favorite place to be spanked. After my Amorous book tour to LA in September and New York in October, I’ll be starting a new novel, which will focus on sex in America in the mid-twentieth century. It was a more repressed time, but plenty of interesting things went on behind that proper façade. I’m sure this book will have a spanking scene or two as well. I’m finding them hard to resist.

Here is an excerpt from Donna George Storey’s “A Rare Find” from Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica.

Curt had spent most of our earlier parties doing a creditable imitation of lawn furniture, but this spanking soiree had clearly brought out his alpha-male streak. Lawrence and Joel shifted guiltily and looked down at their shoes.

That is, until Charlotte draped herself over the footstool with a soft moan and every eye in the room was suddenly glued to her buttcheeks, displayed before us like a birthday present.

At least mine were. How could you not stare at the ripe flesh straining against the edges of her cutoffs, the curves of her full thighs? Instinctively, my gaze shifted to her face to see if she was as turned on as I was. It was then I noticed something else. Charlotte’s breasts hung over the edge of the stool and her low-cut shirt was askew so that—intentionally or notæone stiff, rose-colored nipple had popped out for anyone to see. Beside me Lawrence swallowed, a wet, clicking sound.

Curt was apparently oblivious of his wife’s secret peep show. He gave a mock bow and gestured toward Charlotte’s rump. “Ladies, whenever you’re ready.”

I glanced over at Wendy. I could tell she didn’t like the new Neanderthal Curt any more than I did. With a slight nod to me, she knelt down beside Charlotte and touched her shoulder gently. “Hey, Char, do you really want this?”

Charlotte replied with another giggle.

“It’s true that it’s better when ‘girls’ do it to you. We know all the tricks.” Wendy’s tone was soothing, but I sensed an undertone of mutiny. “So, first things first. Let me help you get comfortable.”

She grabbed Charlotte’s waistband and yanked it up so the crotch bit deep into her cleft like a thong. Charlotte wiggled like a puppy. No doubt she was getting some nice pressure on her vulva. My own pussy clenched at the thought.

Wendy began to rub Charlotte’s buttocks in slow circles with her palm. It was a massage, not a spanking, but Charlotte didn’t complain. She rocked her hips back and forth and let out a cooing sound.

As if on cue, Wendy gave Charlotte a swift slap on the ass.

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4 Responses to “Spanking erotica interview with Spanked contributor Donna George Storey”

  1. Craig Sorensen Says:

    Love the excerpt. Wonderful tension and interplay between the characters. Seems “A Rare Find” indeed!

    I’ve only seen the move Secretary but now I’ll have to read Mary Gaitskill’s original story. I like it dark!

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  3. Neve Black Says:

    Sorry, I can’t help you on placing the unknown title or author of the Topping from Below story you’d like to give credit to.

    Good luck on your book tour. You just never know. I’m always trying to find a way to visit NYC.

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