Excerpt from “Page by Page” by Laura Bacchi

Here’s a little teaser from Laura Bacchi’s excellent story “Page by Page” in Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, out this month from Cleis Press.

He warmed me up nice and slow with the journal, each smack landing on a different part of my ass. Left. Right. The sides and dead center of each cheek. I savored the heat building on the surface, felt the burn reach my nipples as they dared to stretch farther toward the floor. He picked up the pace, let the book pound me harder now. Below the leather cover, my ass tingled and the flesh deeper inside each cheek opened up to the pain while I opened up, like a story. Page by page, each new word stripping back a layer here and there, pushing me—the real me—to unfold for him.

He dropped the book. I jumped at the noise it made—the thud of the leather and the flipping of pages. I knew what would happen next…his hand. His palm wide and hot against me. His fingers teasing the rosy splotches he’d made.
I waited. A fingertip trailed over the split of my ass. “It’s just a toy,” he whispered.

And I pretended to believe him. “I know,” I said and spread my legs wider.

His other hand rested on the small of my back as the finger continued to explore me. He found my cunt and slipped in to the last knuckle. After slowly pulling away, he smeared the wetness over my ass, then went back for more. I flooded into his fingers, three of them now, as he cupped them at my hole to gather all he could. After he’d painted me warm with my own juices, the spanking began again, each blow more relentless and perfect than the last. I was sweating, writhing in bliss, ready to come. But I wouldn’t give him that pleasure. Not yet.

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