Do you scream when getting spanked?

On Loving Domestic Discipline, there’s an extensive post by Mr. Lovingdd about the appropriateness of screaming during spanking. That post is dealing with a male spanking a female under in the name of domestic discipline.

But what about the rest of you? To scream or not? To make noise or not? To squirm or be “bratty” or not? I’d love to hear from tops and bottoms about this interesting issue. I’ll have to mull over my answer, though I am generally in favor of a little noise (or muffled noise). To me it’s hot to hear myself or the person I’m spanking, though more than screaming I am probably into dirty talking/roleplay during spanking. But I want to know what YOU think!

Not every woman responds to discipline in the same way. Some women take their spankings very well. They automatically accept the fact that they are being disciplined for their own good. They follow their HOH’s instructions to the letter. They undress promptly and without complaint. They place themselves over their HOH’s lap, presenting their bottoms obediently. When their spanking starts, they do not squirm and struggle in a vain attempt to escape their just punishment. Instead, they submit obediently to their discipline, despite the pain and shame of the spanking they are receiving from their HOH. At some stage of the disciplinary process, such women are brought to tears and begin to cry in a deep emotional release that cleanses their hearts and activates their naturally submissive femininity.

Women who take their punishment well are usually characterized by the relative quietness with which they submit to physical discipline. Not only do they not struggle nor attempt to block their HOH as he spanks their bottom, but they also submit to their spanking without making a lot of noise, apart from the inevitable tears and sobbing that mark the beginning of the feminine learning process.

One of the worst forms of feminine misbehavior during discipline relates to the amount of noise made by the spanked woman. This misbehavior is not related to whether she is crying or not. Some women naturally cry rather loudly, while others sob more quietly.

But some women hide their rebellion, their disrespect and their disobedience behind a hysterical kind of screaming or shrieking that they utter during discipline. They may wait until their tears start to flow before screaming, or their screams may begin long before their sobs. Such women may even think it is a “cute” form of resistance to their HOH’s authority to scream when he spanks her. They think that, “He can spank me if he wants, but I am going to pay him back by screaming as if I am being murdered. Let us see how he feels about that!”

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