A caning at Spanking Bethie

Bethie of Spanking Bethie writes about a caning and more she received:

I can’t remember how many strokes he gave me, but I do remember it seemed like a lot and he didn’t seem to be holding back. I even looked back over my shoulder and gave him the pouty look, but he didn’t ease up at all.

After a quick inspection, we moved right into the bedroom. I’m not sure why, but Dan wanted me in the diaper position on the edge of the bed. I didn’t mind since it’s a position that has its good and bad points. While that position gives him easy access to my tender bits which can be very nice, it also gives him too much spanking access to my tender thighs…and my tender bits. I’d forgotten that part but I remembered really quickly once the spanking started.

Dan started by spanking me with a couple of paddles to get me warmed up, then he began using the tawse. I yelped and wiggled from the distinctive sting that toy delivers, but Dan had a good hold on my ankles so I wasn’t going anywhere. He spanked my thighs and bottom pretty thoroughly with the tawse before letting me relax.

I let my legs relax which left me perched on the edge of the bed, legs bent and spread in front of Dan. That gave him an evil idea and he picked up one of our lighter floggers. Dan told me to hold that position and began flogging the insides of my thighs. Then I saw him raise the flogger straight up and I knew where it was about to land next. I closed my eyes and tried to stay relaxed, but I still about jumped off the end of the bed when he landed the stroke right down the middle of my tender pussy.

I clenched up and pulled my legs together, but Dan told me to get back into position so he could continue. I did, after a little whining, and he continued flogging my thighs and landing the occasional stroke across my tender bits. My tender bits were getting even more tender by the stroke.

Keep reading to find out what happened with this:

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