What happens at a spanking party

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Spanking parties are not like BDSM parties. No dungeon is needed, no restraint equipment, and no black leather costumes. Most spanking fantasies involve men in suits and women in dresses or skirts, with a scattering of schoolgirl uniforms or suchlike. But spankers, we’ve learned, tend to be fairly conservative, so for most parties, unless you have a theme, guests should dress as they would for a dinner party, anywhere between casual and formal.

A spanking party will start out like any party, sitting around chatting and getting to know one another. There will likely be snack foods and non-alcoholic drinks. Speaking from experience, I don’t recommend allowing alcohol at a spanking party. Spanking is a fine art, and having either participant drunk can make it go very badly.

People will be in the mood for spanking, and you’ll feel the tension in the air. The sooner someone breaks the ice and spanks somebody, the better. Couples who are experienced are most likely to do this, and could probably be encouraged to do so. Once someone has begun spanking, people will begin arranging liaisons with those they like to play with or are attracted to, and start pairing off to go spank each other in other rooms. Some might stay right in the front room, and spank each other unashamedly, right there for all to see. Soon you will hear the sounds of spankings filling the house, filtering out from all the back rooms. Do not be alarmed.

You may choose to watch someone’s spanking, and this is fine. You may approach a person, provided they aren’t involved in a scene, and arrange your own spanking scene. There are no special codewords or protocols for doing this. A simple “Would you like to be spanked?” will do. Sometimes, if the spankee in question is married, you may prefer to ask her husband if he would mind if you spanked her. He may even arrange it for you. Couples are usually there to play with others. Usually, at a party, each person will do scenes with many different partners. There will often be spectators to their spankings. Feel free to watch, unless they make it clear they want privacy. Having someone watch a spanking scene adds energy to it, and makes it better.

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