I like to spank people, too

I’m pretty much an equal opportunity spanking lover. I indulge in it all too rarely, but I wrote this a while back when I was guest blogging at Babeland:

To me, spanking someone, having them spread out before you so needy and vulnerable, is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. Someone is offering up their body, exposing themselves in a way that is highly personal. Also, this guy, as well as other people I’ve spanked, get so into it that the spanking takes them to a new place where their ideas of what they want out of the scene expand. We went from having me use simply my pinkie along with some Vaseline (alas, we did not have any real lube handy) to my index finger, and I got us both worked up into a fantasy where I was using a butt plug on him while another woman watched us or alternately participated. Feeling him squirm beneath me, being able to stroke his forehead or let him suck on my fingers while I delivered one sound slap after another, was, in many ways, even more pleasurable than being bent over and smacked myself. For me, it’s a different kind of high, one rooted as much in my mind as my body.

The combination of spanking someone, talking dirty, and getting to fuck them up the ass takes it to a whole other level. I quickly realized that whether it’s one finger or two, or a butt plug, big or small, it’s all about how it feels to that person. I get the impression that some people are so gung-ho to ram something really big up someone else’s ass that they lose sight of the pleasure they could both be having. I’ve been on the receiving end of anal sex that was anything but fun, and was way too goal-oriented. It’s not something to engage in when you’re in a huge rush (in my opinion), because you don’t get to really savor watching your finger(s) or a toy disappear between someone’s cheeks, watching them squeeze and process the delightful invasion, hearing them moan and beg for more. Whoever you are, if you think your partner might be into anal, probe further (yes, pun intended).

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One Response to “I like to spank people, too”

  1. sparkle Says:

    You know, my husband bought that rubber paddle you’ve pictured from Babeland ostensibly as a gift to me. It was more like a gift for himself wrapped up and delivered to me.

    Ouch! 🙂

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