Spanked Men

Lest you think I only like being spanked or looking at women being spanked, please know that both the book Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica and I are all about equal opportunity spankings. I’ve spanked many men and enjoyed making them whimper (I’ve spanked women too). To me, spanking a man who really, really wants it bad is one of the hottest things ever. Hence, I love the site Spanked Men even though it seems to be defunct. The shot below is from Spanked Men.

So tell me – do you have a preference? Are you a spanking switch or firmly a spanking top or bottom (or voyeur)?

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One Response to “Spanked Men”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    When I discovered erotic spanking on the Internet, while instinctively a switch, I found that the chance of finding a woman who would agree to be spanked by me was nil; there were so many ads in that direction. I chose to advertise myself as a bottom. I feel that in spanking it is better to receive than to give. I’m not sorry about this decision, but will oblige the woman who desires to reverse roles.

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