Which paddle do you prefer?

I’m curious about what you like to spank and/or get spanked with? I’m a fan of a simple leather paddle myself, but have been known to branch out, though my spankings are so few and far between, I’ll take what I can get, which is usually a hand! Both of these are from the fabulous sex toy company Blowfish:

Heart slapper

Josephine paddle

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One Response to “Which paddle do you prefer?”

  1. Inara de Luna Says:

    I bought the beautiful Celtic knot paddle, called the Josephine Paddle in your post, for my beloved Top. Although it’s quite striking, especially when he wears it on his belt with his Utilikilt, it’s pretty wimpy. It does have a bit of a stingy bite, but the knot does not have enough support to deliver a truly satisfying spanking. 🙂

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